About Us
Our first Irish Setter “Tanya” was not a show dog, but she convinced us that Irish Setters were exactly the breed for us with her charm, intelligence, and wonderful companionship.  When we lost her to old age in 1985 we found a listing for a
“show” Irish Setter puppy and brought home our first registered Irish Setter,
“Colleen” Avon Farm Street Dancer CD.
Knowing nothing of showing dogs (Bob had only shown cows as a youngster!)
but enjoying sports and competition Colleen and Laurie began reading dozens of obedience books and practiced in the backyard
until they entered and WON their very first event!
Colleen went on to produce American, Canadian, and International bench champions from her first litter in 1991, as well as a variety of hunting and obedience titles.  Ever since then we have been involved in everything dog related.
From dog-sledding to hunting events, tracking and agility, conformation and obedience, as well as therapy dogs.
We are members of three dog clubs and actively involved in AKC
— we’ve gone totally to the dogs!
Our objective is to be limited and selective in our litters, typically waiting 3 – 4 years between litters and usually keeping a puppy for ourselves.  We strongly believe in early puppy socialization as well as evaluation testing to determine what their basic temperament is and which pups are most “birdy” so they can be properly matched with their prospective families.  Health and temperament are our priorities
but we are also proud of producing beautiful representatives of the breed.
Located on acreage outside of Oregon City we have lots of room for our dogs to work and play as well as to
foster the occasional Rescue for the Irish Setter Club
We look forward to sharing our love of Irish Setters with you!
Laurie, Bob, and the Clarendon Irish Setters