In Memoriam:
 Avon Farm Street Dancer CD

Whelped:  4/4/91
OFA and PRA Clear

February 1991

Confirmed we’re pregnant by eating an entire frozen loaf of bread (see the dough on her ears. .? )

Achievements:  Our “foundation bitch” Colleen wasn’t a great show dog herself nor was she a great hunter, preferring obedience rings and heeling beside her person to running off by herself.  But she DID produce our first litter of 12 gorgeous puppies, our first 4 champions, and won a variety of obedience competitions.  From Colleen came our focus on the all around Irish Setter having solid strong bone and body, lovely temperament, ability to hunt, and that intelligent Irish rollicking personality.  She was obsessed with the water and all types of boats.  She even stole a windsurfing board off the shore once to the amazement of the owner, and gave a disgruntled look when we retrieved it and her.  We surmised Colleen must be a reincarnated sea captain she was so comfortable on sailboats as well as in the water where she’d swim around for hours.  We were so very fortunate to have had her share our lives.



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 Avon Farm Thunder Road



 CH Scarlly’s Red Hot ROM

CH Scarlly’s Show ‘Nuff
CH Scarlly’s Sweet Success
CH Avon Farm Applause Am/Can CH Zodic’s Arista Extremist
Niebline Slightly Scarlet


 CH Dunholm Margaux

Meadowlark’s Honor Guard CH Tirvelda Michaelson
CH Mos’n Acre Patrician
CH Dunholm Red Ribbons CH Tirvelda Michaelson
CH Dunholm Katrina