In Memoriam:


Am/Can CH Tealwood O’Clarendon’s 80 Proof

Whelped: 8/8/98
OFA and PRA clear

A big dog with deep dark mahoghany coat and large smooth movement

Dawson, in front of his son Tully, gorgeous heads and deep dark coloring!

Achievements:  Dawson came to us as a Canadian puppy intended as future stud to our girls who shared half a pedigree in common, and half being an outcross.  We loved that he had such a stunning head and a extraordinarily deep dark mahogany coat.  Just a few days after arriving puppy Dawson was packed into a small crate between our seats and we were off in the motorhome to California.  A few days after returning  from that trip, we were off again on a trip to Canada.  As a result Dawson LOVED to travel whether to dog shows or camping, he’d light up and throw himself into a vehicle for any excursion even if just to the store.  When the next motorhome trip came we laughed as Dawson tried to again fit into his little puppy crate but found he was unable to squeeze in.  Dawson also loved the water.  He’d dash up and down the pasture several times, then detour and dive into our koi pond submerging himself until only his nose was exposed like a snorkel.  We so enjoyed watching his exuberance and enthusiasm for life.  Dawson was never cross — always displaying the classic rollicking Irish personality that defines our breed.  Even when his puppies broke his tail he refused to discipline them.  Fortunately other than a barely noticeable bump at the break it healed fine.  But more than shows or hunting Dawson just loved life and his clan, to spend time with us in the motorhome meeting old and new friends and seeing new places.


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