Whelped: July 17, 2013
PRA clear

In Montana fishing and camping September 2014


Achievements:  Ollie’s father is littermate to our Lincoln’s father, so the two young boys are first cousins and only 6 months apart in age.  Ollie joined the family after we quite suddenly lost our beloved Patrick.  Bob yearned for another boy that was “his” dog, and Ollie has proven to be exactly what was ordered.  Loving and devoted to “his” Bob Ollie is also inseparable from his baby cousin Lincoln.  Having the two as playmates ensures that the older dogs and humans aren’t totally worn out by them!  Initially shy of strangers Ollie is extremely loving once he knows you, and is a world class snuggler.  Show Ollie anything once and he never forgets it.  For those who haven’t the experience of having a family “pack”, watching our dogs’ interactions and different personalities is fascinating and always entertaining.  Thank you Leslie for this wonderfully interesting, complicated, and exceedingly clever boy!


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 Avon Farm Galilee



 CH Eireannmada Fortuitous

GCh CH Eireannmada At Tulane
Eireannmada Requium
CH Avon Farm London Bells BISS CH Avon Farm Lost in the Fog
CH Avon Farm Mary Contrary


 Avon Farm Repeat After Me

CH Avon Farm Oh! Calcutta BISS CH Avon Farm Rockaway
CH Tealwood’s Avon After Eight ROM
CH Avon Farm Georgie Girl BISS CH Avon Farm Just George
CH Avon Farm Miss Skylight