Am Can CH Clarendon’s Sun-Sational
Whelped: 9/2/02
OFA and PRA clear


In the Show Ring

Tully reclining on top of his long suffering Aunt Selia in the motorhome. . .

Achievements: Tully is really not a dog.  No, he is really a cat hidden in dog fur . . . loves his comforts, really disliked the show ring unless he could lick and rub against the Judge, and believes himself a prince who isn’t treated royally enough.  Where Tully found his passion was in tracking.  He has a wonderful nose and loves the “go find it” game we play, usually beating the other dogs until he’s given a time out to allow someone else to win.  Now our senior dog at nearly 13 he continues strong and healthy and enjoys being the clan patriarch — until one of the young boys run into and bowl him over in the field!  Tully was from our 5th Clarendon litter.



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Am/Can CH” Tealwoods O’Clarendon 80 Proof



AmCan/Int’l CH Avon Farm Mr. Debonair ROM, BISS

CH Sunnyhill Wings of the Wind CD, BISS
CH Avon Farm Miss Kitty
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Can CH Clarendon’s White Star Arising JH

Am/Can/Int’l CH Avon Farm Mr. Debonair ROM BISS Am CH Sunnyhill Wings of the Wind CD BISS
CH Avon Farm Miss Kitty
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